THE TRUTH ABOUT your Definite Chief Aim

THE TRUTH ABOUT your Definite Chief Aim

By the time you read this, you’ll will feel like your life has been spinning around like a race car in a puddle of water. Doing a lot of work but never really going anywhere. Why is this you? The farther down this page you read you will understand that you need a definite chief aim to dry up the puddle that has your wheels spinning.

What is definite chief aim?

You might call it a life purpose or goal you plan to reach with specific actions. There are many people on this planet that have no specific plan. They depend on other people or government to tell them how they are going to accomplish a task.

Now think about this. Are you doing an action because you want to do it or because you are forced to do it. Is this action your doing going to benefit your goal or chief aim?

Do you even know what your chief aim is or do you just wander through life without purpose?

These are hard questions that need to be answered before you can really achieve what you want in your life.

There is a thing going on in your mind that is called thought with the determination to attract everything that it thinks about. What are you thinking about? Is this what you really want?

Be careful and deliberate with what you choose.

Why do you think you are bombarded on the television with the same advertisement over and over again?

This is to get you to think about a product and then to buy the product. If the owner can get you to focus on the product you end up getting it or trying it out.

How many jingles are in your mind from watching too much TV?

Politics is the same way. How many times have you heard Terrorist or War on this, War on that. This is to get you to think about war and the next thing you know the people are at war even though the evidence is against any kind of war.

Now would it not be nice if you make your effort on what you really want in life your Definite Chief Aim.

You are going to think about this all the time. Write it down and take action to achieve it.

Today I briefly touched on Definite Chief Aim and the need for you to have one.

What I want you to do is to write something you want to accomplish in your life. Be specific and honest. Look at it before you go to bed.
Get up the next day and look at it. Repeat this every day and you will come up with a plan to achieve your chief aim in life.

The athlete has a definite chief aim to win…Do you?

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